Do what you love: 7 advantages of hiring an advertising agency

You got into business for a reason. There was something you loved about it, something that energized you. You did it because you had no choice. There was nothing on the planet that was as enthralling as your work. As time goes on we all start to do some of the things that we are not good at because they need to be done. You may be trying to blog, bookkeep, budget, and everything else yourself. Are you doing your media buying, coming up with your own marketing and advertising strategy, but feel like you are shooting in the dark? Hiring an advertising agency, that is focused on getting good client outcomes, can make all the difference in meeting your goals, and getting measurable results from your marketing dollars. Spend more time doing what you love while a professional team gets you the results that your business needs.

1. Get the perspective of a fresh eyes.

Why do you shoulder check when you are driving? Because you cannot see in 360 degrees. It would be great if you could, but it is not realistic. We shoulder check and look in our mirrors to avoid hitting something, or someone, in our blind spots. Working with a team offers a fresh new perspective, can bring change, and elevate your business. It is the peripheral vision that will help you to make the most of your business.

2. Get measurable results.

An advertising agency should always be able to measure the return on investment with any campaign. At Look, we start with goals and define a way to measure them before we begin. The metrics we provide demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing platform to better understand your audience and the direction to take to get you the outcomes you are looking for.

3. Get the help of professionals – who love what they do.

You may hate sticking to a plan but Lindsay Bryson thrives on meeting goals. You might not know the newest and hottest trends in marketing – no worries – Gregory Moore pours over them at lunch. You may hate blogging; Heather Pinay loves to blog. You may not know how to keep your brand consistent and edgy, while Matty O’Connell lives and breathes cohesive branding. You might not know how to measure the success of your website, but Joel Rathgaber is determined to improve it and measure the results. Our team of professionals are empowered to do what they are good at and strategically paired with clients to make businesses thrive. Benefit from the help of a professional team.

4. Get more bang for your buck – no training required.

Hiring and training new staff is a huge expense. When you work with an agency you get the benefit of a staff who are already experts in their fields. You do not shoulder the cost of training – our professional team has studied marketing and advertising strategies and is continually pushing to learn more to provide value added benefits to you. You can hire and train staff, or cut to the chase and get the support you need from the people who’ve invested years into learning how to serve you.

5. Get better work, faster.

We love what we do at Look. We’re a team of professionals available to consult, and get the job done for you while you do what you love. We have the training and skill to get what you need done well and done fast. We know that when it comes to your own business efforts, things get pushed aside. Make yourself a priority by hiring out work to an advertising agency and you will be paying – give or take – what it costs to hire one staff member. All this with the extra eyes, diverse amount of training, and the peripheral vision of a team. Where’s the best value? That’s up to you.

6. Get a consistent brand and messaging.

You can have your receptionist write your content and design your Facebook images in Powerpoint, you can have your neighbour build your website or have your cousin design your logo – but we live in a superficial world. Great brands have brand cohesion, a consistent look, a consistent voice. The beauty of hiring a team of professionals is that there is a push towards excellence and cohesion that is unparalleled.

7. Get the security of an advisor.

Feeling alone in your business can be a scary place. Lean on a team and have the security of knowing that we have over a decade of consulting experience and have seen what works, and what doesn’t. Our model sets us up to be an advisor to our clients and to provide coaching in business, lead generation, closing sales, and adapting to changes in the market. Just as working in a team helps us to have a broader perspective, looking in from the outside helps us to identify any blind spots you may have – and the opportunities and challenges that might arise.

Ready to see results?

We think that working with a team saves time and money. As an advertising agency, Look takes a fresh approach to business. We align our experience and expertise with your business goals and deliver measurable results. Take a look at our results.

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