A Year of Change

February 3

Exactly one year ago I was let go from a beloved job. My head said, “No worries. I’m sad to go but in this industry, we need to expect change.” My heart was simply crushed. In my 30 years of work life, I had never been let go before.” What an incredible blow to the ego, but, I have learned a few things in this past year:

1 – It’s all going to be ok.

No matter what happens, I feel like things just work out. They are meant to be as is. Maybe I adapt to my surroundings better than I thought I could, maybe overthinking things is not required. But, the sun will rise in the morning and it will set at night, and what happens in between is up to me. Family and friends are the most important things, and everything else takes a backseat. It’s all ok.

2 – Embrace change – it’s going to happen anyway.

Ideas change, relationships change, responsibilities, dreams, friends, and goals for the year, change. Everything. I am an introvert, and who knew – even slowly that appears to change on occasion.

3 – Be brave…and create a little change too.

Our company recently adopted a new slogan – Be Brave. Safe and routine are a little too comforting to me, but that doesn’t make me grow. It doesn’t challenge me. Every day in my new working role, I am doing something that I have not have done quite so routinely in my past. And I feel completely alive doing it.

Advice to anyone who will listen: find something that makes you uncomfortable and confront it head on. Intentionally create a change. We are all stronger than we think we are.

  1. Roxane Livingston 10/02/2017, 2:09:51 PM

    Great article! “Get Comfortable, Being Uncomfortable”

  2. Rick Fraser 10/02/2017, 7:14:48 PM

    Well said…and good for you Joanne. Very happy for you to have found this truth! Here’s to new challenges every day!!

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