We have our fair share of jokes about Zlatan, our president and CEO. There has never been such a dynamic, colourful person. He is so full of ideas and has the kindest heart of anyone you will ever meet. He is so unpredictable. He is the kind of man that will skateboard in dress shoes, mow the lawn in a suit, and drive a dog sled to work. He walks into a room, and his warm demeanor and fearless handshake puts everyone at ease. He is the kind of boss that helps us to know we can be, or do, anything we want to do. This was a very special weekend as Zlatan celebrated his 20 year anniversary in Canada. Congratulations Zlatan! We are so thankful to have you here.

Over the weekend, we held our annual fall retreat at Camp Lutherland, and had the honour of celebrating Zlatan’s anniversary in Canada with him. Adorned in red #BECAUSEZLATAN shirts, we all shared with him how he has made us more successful, sang our national anthem proudly, and in true Zlatan fashion, went on a not-so-leisurely hike that seemed to be uphill the whole way, and caught some amazing views. Zlatan pushes us to be our best, and we love to be pushed by him.

In 20 short years, Zlatan started and built this marketing agency, gathering a team of exceptional professionals around him. His approach to leadership, management, team-building, and risk have built us into employees that think like owners – and from having jobs into having careers.


I found the strength to believe in myself – Heather Z

I was given grace in a time I needed it most. – Matty

I am able to work in a dynamic agency with the most amazing culture and bright future. – Alison

I’m able to learn what it’s like to take risks and challenge myself within this business. Because Zlatan, I know that there are generous people in the world. –Greg

I get to be a Looker! –Bev

The fire inside me has reignited. I am, again, fearlessly passionate and resilient.– Heather P

I am learning how to become a great leader. – Joel

I have had the opportunity to learn, succeed, fail, and experience things I never thought possible this young in my career. – Katie

I’m able to work in an amazing industry with an amazing team. –Ryan

I’m able to grow in my career and grow as a person. I have been able to gain confidence in all aspects in my life and I’ve finally experienced “I love coming to work” life moment. –Kara

My creativity can help others. – Stephanie

I get to contribute to the rise of a luxury brand. – Dustin

I am able to support my family on one income and it allows me to see them every day at lunch. – Josh

I’m a little more outrageous. – Dylan

I was able to get an identity in Canada. – Rekha

Has Zlatan impacted you?


  1. Evan Hunchak 25/02/2016, 4:04:42 PM

    Because Zlatan, I found the courage to rebuild Airport Animal Hospital with a clear sense of purpose, vision and strategy to make us successful for another 25 years.

    • Zlatan 25/02/2016, 4:05:01 PM

      I can’t tell you how much my team and I appreciate working with forward thinking entrepreneurs like you Evan. Thank you for trusting us.

  2. Jayda 25/02/2016, 4:05:33 PM

    #BecauseZlatan I have been given amazing opportunities with two world class companies. I’ve learned so much from Zlatan in the five years I’ve know him, but most importantly, I have more confidence in myself than I ever have before. Thank you for all your support and guidance through the years Z.

    • Zlatan 25/02/2016, 4:05:54 PM

      Thank you for such nice words Jayda. You deserve to be confident because you are awesome. I can’t imagine how I would do half of the things we do without you. #JaydaRocks

  3. Terry Graham 25/02/2016, 4:06:18 PM

    Way to go Zlatan, it is so good to know you.

  4. Laurie Schulz 25/02/2016, 4:06:46 PM

    I have learned, through being in a small business group with Zlatan, that he genuinely cares about motivating his employees, being transparent with them, celebrating accomplishments and having fun with them. He has a special gift of leadership that is rare! Go Zlatan!

    • Zlatan 25/02/2016, 4:07:11 PM

      Thank you so much for posting this Laurie. I believe that we hire our people because they can do the work better than I. So it is a no-brainer to me to empower people to do their best work.

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