Business Leadership 101: organizations need both leaders and managers.

It is no secret that business is all about people. This means getting the right people as clients and customers, but it also means having the members of your team in the right positions. When it comes to your staff, two positions are or utmost importance: leaders and managers. Learn more about the different functions of leaders and managers here.

Leaders are the people in your business who push change and boundaries; take risks and move everything forward. The managers are equally important but have a different role. The managers stick to the rules and ensure that consistent, high-quality work gets done every single day.

Learn more about these two vital roles as well as how to put leaders in leadership roles and managers in management roles – get this right, and watch the stress of running a team disappear!

Business leadership and business management are distinctly different.

Watching my two children grow reminds me how we are all different people and each personality trait is important in every relationship, including business. My son was incredibly easy to raise. He was very obedient and followed the rules. The only thing he required, and still does require, was for us to communicate our plans for the day, or week, so that he knew what to expect. From an early age, he was more responsible than both his mother and I, and helped us interpret the rules and regulations. “Dad, you are not supposed to walk on the grass.”, still rings in my ears.

My daughter, on the other hand, could not be more different. If we set a rule, she will challenge it. If she wants something, she will not take no for an answer. If we try to stop her, she will let us know in the way a two-year-old does: she throws a tantrum.

Just as my two children are different, so are the roles of leaders and managers. The role of a leader is to constantly challenge the status quo while the role of a manager is to keep the business safe and to maintain that status quo. When my daughter is dissatisfied she deals how with it the best way she knows how. This drive to strive for more will be a quality that will form a strong and independent woman in her. My son on the other hand, will make a fine manager. He will ensure that there is a plan and that everybody sticks to it until the project’s successful completion.

Leaders are never satisfied

Is it any wonder that the greatest minds of our time dropped out of school and had strained relationships with their parents? Would Steve Jobs and Bill Gates be able to achieve what they did if they followed the rules? Of course not. If they were satisfied with what they had, they would not have reached for what did not exist.

If you have the leadership role in your business, your job is to not be satisfied with what you have. Only then will your business prosper and move forward. You may not need to throw a tantrum like my two-year-old, but you can express dissatisfaction and push boundaries in your own way. You will crush your competitors and attract and retain the most dynamic individuals in your business. Trust your instincts. It is what sets you apart as the wonderful individual you are.

The role of a leader is to:

  • Be a risk-taker
  • Be dissatisfied with mediocrity
  • Innovative
  • Inspire change

If you hold a management role in your business, then your job is to enable the leader to be themselves by ensuring that all known tasks are running to the highest level of efficiency and organization. Once the known challenges are well managed, the business can easily take on the new challenges, or defend itself from external threats.

The role of a manager is to:

  • Mediate and to balance
  • Keep the leader “reined in” to a degree
  • Maintain and to manage what they have been entrusted with

Leadership and management roles are both integral to the success of a company. They work together. A leader can not have the attitude of a manager and still inspire the change required for his or her role. A manager with the heart of a leader will, likewise, struggle in a managerial role because of a strong need to innovate.

It is essential to have the right person in the right role.

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How to master business leadership

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