Distracting guide dogs can be dangerous: the CNIB’s commercial explains.

In case you didn’t know: it is not wise to distract guide dogs while they are working. It can be dangerous and, in Saskatchewan, it is illegal. As an advertising agency, Look is pleased to work with great clients like the CNIB who are seeing beyond vision loss throughout Canada.

Recently, the CNIB released a new, dynamic commercial letting the world know why it is not safe to distract guide dogs while they are hard at work. These dogs have a job to do and, as a society, it is our job to ensure they can do it properly.

The public has to know.

The CNIB Saskatchewan-Manitoba Division is working hard to educate the public about the important role guide dogs play in assisting their handlers, and proper protocol for approaching a guide dog team. By embarking on a multi-media advertising campaign, CNIB will be able to help enhance the quality of life for those with vision loss. You can find out more about the role these important animals play in the lives of the visually impaired here.


If a guide dog is in harness, it is working and should not be seen as a pet. Distracting a guide dog – through touching, beckoning or otherwise interacting – is very dangerous to both the dog and its user. A distracted dog cannot concentrate fully on avoiding potentially dangerous situations. You should only pet a guide dog when it is not in harness, and after getting permission from the handler to do so.

The goal of the campaign is to increase awareness of guide dogs and the important role they play for those who are blind or partially sighted in Saskatchewan. Look was pleased to work with this team to bring this commercial to life. Look advertising is strategic and goes beyond creativity—we generate impact. We believe this commercial will do just that for CNIB.

Distracting a guide dog is dangerous and illegal.

Harming or interfering with a service animal isn’t cute, isn’t safe, and isn’t polite. More than that, it is illegal in Saskatchewan. Harming or interfering with a service animal can lead up to a fine of $25,000 and/or possible jail time of up to two years. Do yourself and others a favour by respecting these animals while they work.

May is vision health month. Help us spread the word.

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