“I’m not a ‘trouble maker’; I’m a disruptor!”

A week ago, Rachel and I attended the Ernst and Young (EY) Strategic Growth Forum, which ended with Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) Awards Gala. This gala is truly an “Academy Awards” for business excellence where 260 nominees compete for EOY award in their category, and one of those winners is named an overall Entrepreneur of the Year. This year the winners were Jyshree Ullal and Andy Bechtolsheim of Arista Networks.

Disrupt your business.

If I could share one takeaway from this event it would be to disrupt your business. Just like Uber is disrupting taxicabs or the internet is disrupting newspaper publishing, you need to disrupt your business. If you don’t do it someone else will – and then it may be too late. Today, business is changing faster than ever before and yet it will never be this slow again.

Your business and your business culture must support the ever-accelerating pace of change.

Dedicate a part of your resources and efforts to innovation. Learn how to make mistakes and move forward. Businesses that don’t make mistakes don’t innovate and are missing an opportunity to learn from those mistakes. This continuous innovation and learning will allow you to look at the future with bring it on attitude as opposed to resisting the change.


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