Getting Wise with Millennials

Recently, Look hosted our Business Wise Seminar which featured presenter Chelsea Nespor from Dale Carnegie who spoke on the topic of “Creating a Culture that Engages and Retains Millennials”. The presentation delved into the benefits and challenges of working with millennials, their work/life habits and why it is important to engage with them on a daily basis.

As the workforce continues to evolve, millennials are at the forefront of almost all industries, moving in and working their way up quickly. Their work values, habits, ethics and life differ from the traditional mindset and their expectations of how a workplace runs doesn’t match with what has been done in the past. However, due to the pace at which they are entering the workforce, it’s time to adapt to the inevitable change that is millennials.

How are they perceived? Below are a few takeaways from the presentation:

  • Strengths
    • Motivated and have a drive to succeed
    • Bring a fresh perspective to the workplace
    • Very connected through social networks and other people
    • Very tech-savvy
    • Innovative thinkers
  • Weaknesses
    • Have a sense of entitlement
    • Want to move at such a fast pace at all times
    • Hide behind social media – prefer email over face-to-face or phone conversation

Through a research and development partnership with MSW/ASR, Dale Carnegie conducted a study on millennials to understand what drives them in the workforce. The presentation helped identify and recognize the generation gap between the four identified groups (Veterans, Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials), and how each of their work habits will differ from generation to generation. While the older generations are less reliant on others and work at a slower pace, millennials feel a sense of entitlement and move at a much quicker pace, motivated to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

So what is the secret to engaging millennials in the workforce? Understand them.

  1. Strengthen relationships with them and build their trust by being honest, giving constructive feedback and criticism (if needed), take an interest in their lives (both personal and professional), listen to them and their problems and give solutions that they can learn from. Most importantly, smile and make them feel like their role in the organization is important.
  2. Gain willing cooperation through admitting when you are wrong, showing them respect, allowing them to talk to you and encourage them to say “yes” by being positive from the start, see things from that person’s point of view and be honest with them all the way through. At times, challenge them to something new.
  3. Be a leader by changing their attitude and behaviour and appreciating them for who they are, asking them relevant questions and providing feedback on their mistakes, praising their accomplishments and encouraging them to improve in different areas (if need be). Give them something to work towards and ensure they are happy about completing the tasks you have set out for them.

In the end, working with millennials is inevitable, and by changing the way you work with them you can ensure a successful relationship. By making them feel engaged and like their presence in the workplace is appreciated and considered, you will increase your chances of retaining good people who want to work with and for you.

Ensuring millennials are on your side will be one less thing to think about, and if you open your world to them, you will be surprised at how much value they can bring to any situation. Look is a company jam packed with millennials. Open yourself up to the possibilities of what we can do for you and your business, and I promise you won’t regret it.

If you’re a millennial, do you agree with this article? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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