Give Your Customers Something to Talk About

Courteous treatment will make the customer a walking advertisement – James Cash Penney

Recently, I attended the Regina Restaurant Week, where some of the Queen City’s best restaurants launched a three course meal deal for $25 – $35 a person. Participants included Crave, Flip, The Capitol, 20Ten, Famoso, The Copper Kettle, Malt City and The Fat Badger. After humming and hawing on which restaurant to try, we landed on The Copper Kettle. While the food was amazing, the customer service experience was something to remember.

After we expressed our interest in trying the Restaurant Week menu, the waiter (to no fault of his own), informed us that they had run out of ingredients and wouldn’t be able to serve those food items. Since our hearts were set on trying something new, we bundled up and started for the door. The lady who had greeted us at the front when we arrived stopped us and asked why we had decided to leave. When we explained our position, she grabbed onto me and led us back to the table explaining that she would pull some strings and get us the special menu.

Step 1 – Make your customer feel special.

When we sat back down, she brought us the menu and recommended the most popular meals of the week. We started with appetizers, went on to our mains, and finished with the most delicious dessert. She made sure to stop by our table after every presentation to see how we enjoyed the tastes, brought us homemade pita and hummus as a “must try” on the house, and when we had a hard time deciding between the two dessert options, she gave us both a taste of each!

Step 2 – Give your customer an experience they won’t forget.

While the food was delicious, the customer service that we experienced was something to talk about. That night after we left and all the next day, I found myself recalling what had happened and recommending The Copper Kettle to anyone who would listen to my story. I realized that you may have the best food in the world or a top-shelf product, but if the customer service isn’t there then chances are people won’t talk about it.

Step 3 – Give your customer something to talk about.

Congrats to The Copper Kettle on a job well done during Regina Restaurant Week!

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