Guilt your customer into buying from you: like Kinetic Auto Service

If you think that someone cares that you are a small local business who employs local people and thus cannot compete with large corporations, you are most likely delusional. The only time most of us care about those intrinsic benefits of your business is when it is not costing us anything. If you think I am wrong, just think: how come Amazon is one of the most valued companies while neighborhood stores are going extinct faster than white rhinos?

To explain how you can use guilt to gain and retain business, I will tell you how a local business used guilt to get me to buy from them.

Kinetic Auto Service Ltd.



Kinetic Auto Service is an amazing business operating from Winnipeg street in Regina. Its’ owners, Erin and Larry, work very hard to provide quality work – but that is not the reason my family takes our vehicles to them. What Erin and Larry know is that we are very busy and the time is very precious for us. Thus, they personally give us rides to and from work or pick up and drop our vehicles for us. Recently, while we were out of town they serviced our vehicles, put winter tires on, and dropped them off in our home garage. Imagine how amazing it feels when you get home from a business trip and your car is waiting for you with fresh oil, new wipers, and winter tires! We did not have to take time away from work, hitch a ride, or wait for a shuttle service.


Now, you should also know that since 2007 I’ve exclusively purchased tires online to save money. That’s right, I am a first generation immigrant and love getting a good deal. However, this year two of our vehicles needed new tires, so without hesitation I purchased them from Kinetic. I didn’t even compare their prices to those of online retailers because I didn’t care. I wanted to buy my tires from Kinetic not because they are local, but because Kinetic supports me and my family with their exceptional service. Let’s face it, I would feel guilty if I purchased the tires from anywhere else.

Kudos to you, Erin & Larry!

So, Erin and Larry are very smart business owners. They know that it takes a lot of effort to attract a customer, and they don’t have a large advertising budget. So, instead of spending their money on advertising they are focusing on customer service and rely on us to spread the word. What are you selling? Amp up your marketing strategy by providing exceptional customer service.

I hope this story will inspire other local businesses to find ways in which they can be excellent, and use that excellence to compete in the marketplace.

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