I’m Not Afraid Anymore! What Dale Carnegie Has Taught Me

Recently, I and a few other Look employees started attending a Dale Carnegie Course – Effective Communications & Human Relations/Skills for Success.  As a professional goal of mine is to improve my public speaking, this has helped me tremendously because we have to do at least one presentation per class.

This week was our fourth class, and things got very animated as we had covered:

  • Energize our Communication
  • Make our Ideas Clear

As someone who is excited for the opportunity to be a part of this class, here are three takeaways from this week:

  1. You want your audience to feel what you felt and connect with your story. Use actions, be silly, and project your voice.  Your audience will be more engaged if you use energy in your communication – in this situation it is good to exaggerate.
  2. Be clear when you communicate. Be organized, use visuals – 55% of us need visuals in order to have an understanding of instructions given to us.
  3. Win People to Your Way of Thinking – there are 12 steps you can use that are found in Dale Carnegie’s Golden Book. The one that sticks out most for me is Rule #12 – If you’re wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically.  As humans we never want to admit we are wrong especially in the middle of a disagreement but by doing this we are showing that person(s) we respect them.

If you are looking to amplify your performance, become an effective leader and are looking to add more value to your organization, take this course! It’s awesome.

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