How to Create Amazing Internet Marketing Your Clients will Love.

Internet marketing encompasses everything from search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, content offers (from ebooks, to quizzes, and even videos), blog writing and scheduling, and everything in-between (that can mean Google Ad Words, and loud and obnoxious ads, which interrupt surfing or follow readers as they scroll). At Look, we love to create content that people love. We help our clients be the source people look for, an authority, and a delight by being true to branding, product offerings, consumers, and identity.

Traditional marketing techniques can be loud and marketer-centric. It’s the commercial you don’t want to watch, the jingle you can’t un-hear, or the ad that covers the article you want to read… and… keeps… getting… in your… line of vision… until you leave or accidentally click it.

Great internet marketing is marketing that people want to consume. It’s creating thoughtful content that answers questions, establishes your company as an authority in your field, and gets results. It always starts with “why” and “who” and always, always, always considers the user experience. We call it inbound marketing here at Look, and it’s easy to see why inbound is “in”: it’s all about you and not all about us.

How to use internet marketing to direct the right traffic to your website:

1. Be true to your branding.


  • Does your company write in first, second, or third person?
  • Do you use contractions?
  • Do you use a style guide (for example, APA)?
  • What language/wording will you use?
  • What size of images will you include?
    Infuse personality into your branding by thinking of your company or organization as a person. Use that personality when establishing guidelines.

2. Be true to your product offerings.


  • Reflect the products that you offer (don’t mislead searchers!)
  • Range in competitiveness (some easier, some more challenging)
  • Reflect both plural and singular versions of your target keywords
  • Will help searchers find you when they look for your solutions
  • You can monitor your ranking, or scoring, for each keyword

Keywords will help “put you on the map” for search engines. When you develop your keyword strategy, you may find opportunities where your business can grow in product offerings (you’ll see what people are looking for). Make sure to be honest and rank for things that reflect your company and what you do best.

3. Be true to your consumers.

After all, the customer is always right. Right? To reach customers, you must develop your buyer personas, a grouping together and characterization of an ideal customer.


  • create content that engages with them, specifically
  • know what they are looking for and where they are looking for it
  • put content in the places where they are looking for answers
  • use proper wording in a way that appeals to them
  • create internet marketing that people love — taking it inbound

Inbound marketing is all about engaging content that people want to read, and the best way to engage people is by knowing who you’re trying to engage, why you’re trying to engage them, and how to make it happen.

4. Be true to your company’s identity.

People relate to people. We love stories. We love personality.

  • spend some time discovering who your company is
  • personify her (or him)
  • fall in love with that person
  • fall in love with the people in your company

If you’re quirky, be a little quirky. If you’re all about dad jokes, be the company who’s all about dad jokes. If you’re a hipster and think everything is cliché, then be all about that. Be who you are, release the doves, and the right qualified leads will come. We do business with good people and at Look, we believe in being good people. We let our personality shine.

As the inspiring Maya Angelou said:

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”

Reflect your personality in your content, and the right people will be magnetized to you.

Do you need to learn more about your customers? Are you ready to know them better and to create content they will love? We can help.

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