Kudos to the Campbell Collegiate Business Program

It’s not very often a student can say that he/she is the president of their own company at a high school level.

This week, I had the pleasure of being a judge for two Entrepreneurship 30 classes at Campbell Collegiate. The students were tasked with creating an innovative entrepreneurial product for the Junior Achievement (JA) company program. The goal was to create a unique product or service that addressed a need, want, problem or challenge in the community, and hit on areas such as market appeal, size, safety, packaging and price. The finalists from each class pitched their ideas in an effort to get to the final round – actually making the product or service come to life with their classmates.

As someone who comes from a marketing background, I was very impressed with the ideas and products that I saw, and was floored by the level of creativity and professionalism these students demonstrated. I judged everything from bracelets for causes, stress jars, branded pencils and guitar picks, and candles and key chains made from recycled materials.

While only a handful of the ideas will go to the next round, where they will be set up as companies with a team of dedicated students, a production team and actual products, I think all of the students are winners. The dedication, drive, professionalism, creativity and knowledge that came from these students is amazing, and I was honoured to have the opportunity to be part of the process.

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