Monday Hot 5

There has been great engagement on social media in the past couple of weeks, with public relationship teams paying special attention to what to do and more importantly, what not to do. We started with Pepsi’s controversial ad just a couple weeks ago, which resulted in an explosion of memes, GIFs and tweets. Our attention has already moved on as we swapped one viral story for another, with United Airlines’ customer service incident happening last week.

United Airlines vs. David Dao

United Airlines faced a media backlash over its handling of David Dao, a customer who was dragged off an overbooked flight, nearly unconscious. The strange thing is, the losses to their reputation, company stock and pending legal action probably could have been avoided by offering an additional incentive (in the hundreds of dollars) to anyone else willing to give up their seat.

Facebook Status Costs a Father $80,000

I’ve always heard that having children can be expensive, but I doubt one father expected it to cost him a legal case with his former employer. That’s exactly what happened when his daughter decided to share a little too much information in her ‘SUCK IT’ Facebook status. The silver lining is this is a teaching moment for the father and daughter – when he starts talking to her after a few days.

Burger King Controls Your Google Phone in New Ad

Privacy has become a hot topic in North America, and Burger King’s new ad walks that line in a cheeky new approach to advertising. Does it count as a breach of privacy if the actor in the commercial says a few specific keywords to purposely activate Google Assistant? Is it all in good fun or has this gone too far?

YouTube Accounts Hacked in the Name of Security

OurMine, an online security group, hacked hundreds of YouTube channels to showcase security flaws. This was done all for our benefit… or so they say. They have hacked a number of high profile social media accounts including Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and Sony Music’s Global Twitter account. You may recognize Sony’s hacked tweet that read “RIP @britneyspears”. Clearly, we should all change our passwords.

20,000 Years of Ice Core Samples Melt Away in Days

Technology is a double-edged sword; it can both save us or it can ruin us. For the University of Alberta, it played nuisance as a freezer housing 22,000 years worth of ice core samples, evidence for climate change research, failed and melted the cores. Luckily, a cameraman from the television show Daily Planet unknowingly saved the majority of samples for the sake of lighting.

That’s our Hot 5 for this week! What are the chances we’ll have another PR mishap going viral for next week’s Hot 5?

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