Monday Hot 5

It’s snowing outside and people are tired after that exciting Super Bowl game…but at Look we are fired up because it’s Monday and the hot five is coming at you! Let’s get to it.

Super Bowl Commercials!

Everyone is talking about last night’s Super Bowl commercials, and for us Canadians, this was the first year we were able to see them live firsthand. But out of curiosity, did you actually watch the commercials or was CTV’s $300,000 texting giveaway enough to pull you away?

Snapchat TV

To announce BBC’s Planet Earth II’s arrival to North America, on February 17th, you will be able to preview a special six-episode run on Snapchat. You will also get access to never before seen footage. The downside? Famous narrator, Sir David Attenborough is not in this version, which means no more falling asleep after 10 minutes into the show!

Multiple Photos Sharing Coming to Instagram

When has one of something ever been enough? Well, when it comes to photos on Instagram, you will soon have the ability to upload albums to the popular photo sharing platform. What does this mean? Well, for me it means more baby, puppy and food pictures than I can handle…

Native Content Ads are Crushing Online 

You know that feeling when you visit a publisher’s website and begin reading content that looks interesting, only to realize when you are almost through it that it’s an ad? Well, it’s called “native content” and it feels way more natural than those intrusive banner ads you see everywhere else. As it turns out, they’re working overtime (in a good way) for advertisers. Like, WAY overtime. But watch out because they can cost you a cool $450,000 on some platforms!

Craft Beer Keeps Innovating

What if I told you that I knew of a craft beer that was made with Oreos, that tasted like “beery Oreos”. You’d call me crazy, but I would still tell you all about The Veil Brewing Co. in Richmond, VA. If you’re into the craft brew scene, this has got to be something worth checking out. And if you’re brand new to Regina, make sure to head down to the Dewdney strip and check out the breweries that are crafting out there. They are doing some pretty cool innovations of their own!

That’s all for this week, stay warm, and stay informed! (This rhyming stuff is going REALLY well).

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