Monday Hot 5

It’s a new week, a new day and the end of February. Let’s start it off right with this week’s Hot 5.

‘Blandcouver’ – The Rebranding of Vancouver’s Logo

In a city so full of talented artists and designers, it’s no surprise that the City of Vancouver’s revamped logo has been receiving less than stellar reviews after seemingly reverting to a simpler version of its former logo. Simplicity can be a great thing, but is this the right direction for a city so full of colour?

And the Oscar Goes to… La La Land! Just Kidding.

We all remember (and cringe at) Steve Harvey’s flub when he announced the wrong winner in the Miss Universe competition in 2015. It’s a situation seemingly written for the movies, unthinkable in real life. Well, fast forward to 2017 at this year’s Academy Awards and it happened again. This year Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were the unlucky ones to make the incorrect Oscar announcement.

The Iconic Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone Lives Again! Yes, Snake is Also Back.

In a simpler time of mobile phones, we were able to call (what’s that?) and text our friends and family. The Nokia 3310 allowed fun and recognizable ringtones, a simple but addicting game of Snake, and the luxury of a nearly indestructible phone. Over a decade later, we get the new iteration of the phone ready to handle today’s digital world.

Become the next ‘Wolf of Meme Street’

In what can only be fate for some of my meme loving friends, you can now make your love for memes a side job by becoming a meme broker. An android app, MemeBroker, has been created and lets you access the Meme Economy and grow your portfolio for a made up currency of ‘Pepes’. It functions like popular social platform Tinder by swiping left or right on memes, so, start swiping!

Taco Bell Coming to Saskatoon, and so am I!

In a cryptic message from Taco Bell Canada’s twitter (@TacoBellCanada), they hint at the opening of a Saskatoon location at the intersection of 8th Street East and Arlington Avenue. Finally! After years of commercials riling up my appetite with creations like the Doritos Locos Tacos, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel where I’ll get my fill, and then another fill.

Regina just got Fuddruckers, Saskatoon gets Taco Bell, and it’s close to lunch so I’m getting a snack and looking forward to the next food related announcement. What’s next?


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