Monday Hot 5

It may be a gloomy day in March, but we are excited because it’s time for the Monday Hot 5! Let’s get started…

The Big Bend: The World’s First U-Shaped Building

Ioannis Oiaonomou has a dream. A dream to build the longest building in the world, a 4,000 foot-long skyscraper bent in half. At this point, it’s just an idea, but the designer hopes to see this project come to life in New York on Manhattan’s Billionaire’s Row. Instead of bending the rules on the space restrictions in Manhattan, Oianomou hopes to bend a building instead, giving people more room and taking up less space.

Imagine what the views from the top penthouse!

New Design Trend: Graffiti Art for your Hair

This just in, Look is offering a new design service – graffiti art for your hair. Well, not really… but we are intrigued with the creativity this hair trend offers. With new hairstyles and colour trends coming out weekly, graffiti hair offers a non-committal alternative to changing up your style for whatever occasion. Through the use of different sprays and stencils, people can showcase their individuality and create a personal brand for themselves.

Remember, your company isn’t the only thing that should be branded. Your own personal brand is just as important and something worth investing in.

Samsung is Launching the Galaxy Note 7, Again

Almost half a year after the recall of the entire line of Galaxy Note 7’s, Samsung is in consideration to sell a refurbished version of the troubled smartphone. You’ll recall that these smartphones were literally bursting into flames due to fire-prone batteries, and not only that, these smartphones are still a banned product from flying. Having identified the issue, Samsung is set to recoup some of the estimated $5.5 billion US profit hit by selling the refurbished version or re-using the internal components.

What do you think, would you chance a something-something, pants of fire product?

Spinach Leaves – The New Human Heart Tissue

We all remember the beloved animated character Popeye eating a can of spinach and taking on the world. Well, it seems spinach really is a ‘super food’ as scientists have recently converted spinach leaves into human heart tissue – that beats.  You read that right. In significant advancements in health care, we’re looking at what nature has already provided and finding new ways to utilize these structures.

Spinach, the ultimate green leaf saves the day.

Facebook Introduces ‘Live Location’ Feature for Messenger

Facebook continues to roll out new features for its platforms, making it easier than ever to stay within the applications for all your needs. This time, we’re easily able to share our location with friends and family. This can provide someone with a set of directions to you, ETAs, and a sense of security for those parents keeping tabs on the whereabouts of their kids.

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