Monday Hot 5!

It’s your favorite day of the week – Monday. Why? Because it means the Monday Hot 5 is coming down the pipeline!

Zipper Merging is a Thing!

The National Post has a great article on why, we as Canadians, are so resistant to the zipper merge – we are too polite. Now, I know it’s difficult to break bad habits and even MORE difficult to create new ones, but for the love of all things rationale, can we please adopt the zipper merge? What if I told you it would save everyone time…..

Open Source Design?

Mozilla – the company behind the once dominant web browser Firefox –has recreated its brand by opening it up to everyone. Yes, that includes you too. By activating the community and branding experts, Mozilla created an identity that not only works on a design level, but on a functional one too.

“The logo—Mozilla’s first update since 1998—replaces the “ill” within “Mozilla” with the “://” of a URL, neatly incorporating the organization’s dedication to keeping the internet open and accessible.

Click here to read the blogs and catch up on the whole process. An interesting read.

Athletes are Blurring the Line Between Advertising and Real Life

It happened after the Steelers knocked off the Kansan City Chiefs two weeks ago. As they were celebrating their win, wide receiver Antonio Brown started a Facebook Live video in the locker room. As a player, this was a big no-no, which made me even more excited to watch. BUT, as it came out, Brown has a contract with Facebook where he can promote this kind of content/access. So, believing now that the moment wasn’t  really that authentic but instead Brown’s fulfillment of his contract with Facebook, do you care? Of course not.

Check Out My Virtual Bowflex

We all know how hard it is to motivate ourselves to workout on a consistent basis. But what if I asked you to play a virtual reality workout game instead? The team at Icaros has created a combo VR + exercise machine that gives you a full body workout while you play. For me, this sounds too good to be true, and reminds me of when I heard you could have peanut butter AND jam in the same jar.

The Most Exclusive Content of All Time

Do you love to be “in the know” and gain access to information that nobody else knows yet? Well, if this is you, I have a website that will tickle you pink. gives you a live stream to videos on YouTube that not one – not one person – has seen previously. It is the weirdest sensation realizing that you’re the only person on the planet seeing this footage. And yet, so compelling and hard to resist. I mean, if you are into that sort of thing…

See you next week!

– Greg

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