Navigating the mediums maze: make the most of your marketing campaign

Marketing is an integral part of every business. Sometimes you have the capacity to hire an individual or a team to work as your marketing department, but most of the time with small to medium businesses, we just don’t have the resources to make it happen. So we do it ourselves.

Sometimes a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach is not the best solution. With limited time and resources, you may spread yourself too thin to be able to worry about your approach and your brand. This, in turn, could end up compromising them. Your images will be inconsistent, your messaging inconsistent, and your audience confused.

DIY marketing madness.

The do-it-yourself approach to marketing has mixed results – as do most processes where we try and execute something without having all the education and exacting details. We might make a splash on one medium – yielding fantastic results. In another medium, we flop – adding to all the vexing ‘noise’ and repetitiveness in advertising.

If it wasn’t for all the incredibly creative minds at the various media outlets in Regina – people we consider our valued partners in helping your business – we might see many more businesses fraying at the edges.

What happens when you ask three different mediums to look after your brand, without a solid campaign or strategy attached to it? You get chaos.

Inevitably, you will receive great creative that meets your goals for that specific medium: three different times. You’re getting concepts that, while often strong, are often misaligned with the other creative concepts you’ve received.

The madness in action.

You have to get the message out there about your company, products, or services, so you choose to do it yourself and save some money. You choose some mediums: newspaper, radio, and bus bench.


Without too much thought about your strategy, you rush to the newspaper and buy ad space. They have designers, they can get it done. You quickly tell them what you want it to say, and leave it at that.


The radio station can make ads for you, and it is that simple. You tell them the gist of what you want it to say and voila!


You rush to have a bus bench ad made by your cousin. He can photoshop and it is good enough. You will get exposure, and that is what you need.


You can do it all yourself if you want to, but the result is chaotic. Different designers will choose different fonts and different looks. Different copy results in different messaging. You will have a mishmash of colours, messaging, ideas and your audience will be confused.

We want you to dig deeper.

At Look, we believe in a strategy centred approach that will deliver one cohesive message.

When you work with a marketing company, like Look, you get a middle man. We have done our homework about marketing, we understand branding, and our artists are dedicated to bringing you a beautiful and cohesive look. We do media buys so you do not have to worry about that headache. Our content team comes up with a tone for your copywriting and you get a beautiful, cohesive package and the freedom to do what you are good at – your business – while we take care of what we are good at – making you shine.

Find out more about the benefits of hiring a marketing and advertising company.

Some things to consider:


Are you trying to increase brand awareness or engage people with your brand? Are you trying to increase traffic to your store, or increase sales? We recommend setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound) to get a big return on your investment.


Your message includes everything from your tone of voice to the feeling you are trying to evoke with your advertising and marketing efforts. What are you trying to communicate? When you flesh out your messaging, it is essential to consider your audience and the overall feel of your brand.


What is the strategy you want to use to get your message out there? What is your budget? Who are you trying to reach? It is important to consider what your brand messaging is (what your company looks like, sounds like, and feels like).


Once you have a strategy laid out it is time to choose a medium. You could choose traditional advertising mediums: newspaper, billboards, and radio ads. You could also choose digital mediums: social media, Google Ads, and content strategy (What is content strategy?).

Are you ready to take on all of this responsibility?

Well, when it comes to building your brand it’s important that your clients, both existing and potential, know what to expect and what they are getting. If the brand they encounter seems to stand for different things or is constantly relaying different messages everywhere you look, it can become confusing.


Create a marketing campaign that speaks to your brand or offer, and fight to keep that central message simple. Your message should be able to span different mediums and communicate the same thing.

Don’t get lost in all of the mediums; let’s communicate one message that will help reach your goals. Once you have your message in place, that you’ve crafted and tested against the proper audience, then it’s time to execute and watch the campaign results roll in.

Your advertising and communication might be good, but with some tweaks they can be great. Just ask Jim Collins, author of From Good to Great.

That’s where simple comes in: have one message over multiple mediums.

It might not sound like much, but it works. Your audience needs one message to remember, where it can become synonymous with your brand.

We can help.

Do not get lost in the marketing and advertising jungle. We make good people successful, everyday. Today is your day. Get a free assessment with Look to see how we can make your marketing efforts pay off consistently.

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