Pick your clients strategically

Picking your clients strategically is something that most businesses don’t think about when they are starting out. Sometimes, it’s about keeping the doors open and the lights on. However, once they have experienced a bad partnership, sale or alignment, it becomes clear that they need to look deeper – and start looking for those meaningful partnerships, client and customers. It’s easy to spend some unhappy years spinning your tires and trying to make relationships work, when it’s just not meant to be.

If your business is driven by sales and lead generation it can be easy to make the sale with out thinking how that partnership aligns with your brand. This can be a common mistake, and can damage your business and bottom line. In my years of sales and actively looking for new business for Look Agency, I have come to the conclusion that sometimes brands and internal personalities don’t mesh – and that’s ok. When this happens, it’s a really good opportunity to reflect what went wrong, but it’s also a chance to review what your perfect customer looks like and how does their business and brand integrate with yours.

At Look, we seek to work with passionate businesses that are willing to dream big. We hope to support and inspire our clients to take the road less travelled, making dreams become a reality and elevating their business every step of the way. It is possible to be an industry leader and it is possible to take the steps to greatness – owners and employees have to surround themselves with people that are like-minded. When your business seeks strategic partnerships, your brand becomes stronger, sales increase and you know you are geared for success.

In the end, we all want to work with people we appreciate and create partnerships that are fulfilling with longevity and easy rapport.

So ask yourself…

How can I pick my clients strategically and unlock mutually beneficial greatness that dreams are made of?

Tell us what you think.