Setting Goals

We’ve all heard it about 1,000 times – the importance of setting goals. Blah blah blah…I have yet to hear someone looking forward to this part of our work lives. I suspect because it’s that time when we really assess what we are doing in our roles, how we become better and make ourselves more accountable.

Sounds like work.

Frankly – it’s just easier not to address it, and carry on our daily routine. And then we wonder why hasn’t this changed? Why can’t things be different?

I participated in a week-long goal setting workshop through Lou Tice from the Pacific Institute 20 years ago. I remember exactly one phrase: “If it’s to be, it’s up to me”. I remind myself of this phrase often, especially when a lazy streak hits, and I simply just don’t want to do something but still expect a change. Well folks, things just don’t happen with a wish and a wand to wave in the air.

So, turn away from your distractions, dig deep, and ask what you really want out of your career. If it’s nothing – that’s exactly what you’ll get. Good for you for being self-aware. But if you have higher aspirations? Say it. Write it. Plan it. And do it.

Simple as that.

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