The Monday Hot 5!

It’s our last Monday before Christmas, and so we are going to make this week’s Hot 5 count!

Instagram Live Streaming

In news that no one should care about, Instagram has added a live streaming feature, further muddying the waters of where audiences should connect with brands online. Instagram adds live streaming after adding Stories – a shameless SnapChat rip off. All this tells me is that Instagram has lost its identity and is trying to be the picture heavy version of Facebook. If I can give them one piece of advice, it would be to stick to what you know! Instagram now joins other platforms such as Facebook Live and Periscope, where brands can already live stream their content.

Amazon Drone Deliveries

I was mercilessly mocked in the office a few years ago when Amazon launched a drone delivery video on April Fools Day. Wholeheartedly knowing this was the future, I proclaimed the video to be telling the truth, and hilarity ensued. Today, I get the last laugh as Amazon has released a video showcasing that it is currently testing a drone delivery service in the UK – that’s right, actual drone delivery. We are only a few short years from having drones deliver everything to us using GPS. This means that my dream of having Sparky’s pizza delivered to me in the middle of a park will soon be a reality.

Automated Restaurant Opens in NYC

Who wants to eat at a restaurant where everything is automated? That’s right, automated. In NYC, the place for all things new, a restaurant has opened that has no staff – no cooks, no waiters, nothing. And while I’m sure the food is decent, and the experience one-of-a-kind, I can’t get the image of a giant vending machine out of my head. I look forward to trying this out next time I’m in NYC, and if you’re wondering, yes I will leave a tip.

WestJet Delivers to Those in Need

WestJet has set the bar pretty high for itself when it comes to expectations for its Christmas video. There was the original Real Time-Giving video which has over 45 MILLION views, followed by their 12,000 Mini Miracles video which has a variety of videos with millions of views as well.
Well, props to WestJet for focusing on people in need this year rather than simply trying to one-up themselves. For this year’s video, they threw a Christmas bash and gave free flights to the people of Fort McMurray who lost their homes in the fires. They won’t get as many shares or views for the video, but the goodwill sewn from it will go a lot further in the long run.

SnapChat Adds Groups

All I can say is, it’s about time! How many times have you sent Snaps and missed the people you want to send to because you had to filter through your entire list and there is no time to go back through again! Now, you can have a group with up to 16 people… which should be great for office productivity. Now we will have to wait and see how marketers use this feature to make sales!
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