The Monday Hot 5!

It’s Monday and it’s snowing, but the blog is on fire with this week’s Hot 5!

Cruising on Instagram – Royal Caribbean wants to pay you to ride their ships as an “Instagram Intern”

I know it’s cold outside, but close your eyes and dream of a job where you are floating in crystal clear blue water, stopping at world class beaches, and experience some of the world’s greatest cruise ships. Sound perfect? Well, Royal Caribbean Cruise lines are looking for an intern who will travel on their ships and document their adventures through Instagram. This is your chance! Check out the link for the fine print, and if you win, make sure to bring us back something nice!

Autonomous Cars are Coming Sooner Than You Think; Tesla says 2017 is the Year

When the famous New Years Ball dropped in NYC, we were all excited to say goodbye to what seemed like a forgettable 2016 (*cough*election*cough*), praying for better luck in 2017. Well, for those of you who are commuters, it sounds like Tesla is aiming to have 2017 be THE year where they launch fully autonomous vehicles. We like to talk about “the future” but how weird is it when the future gets here before we even know what to do with it? I can’t wait to look forward to driving and napping on my way to work!

The Unspoken Rules of Social Media Accounts

The NY Times has a great piece about youth and how they approach social media usage; hint, it’s more convoluted than you think. They discover a lot of unsaid rules that need to be followed in order be socially accepted. For example:

“As part of a school project, the girl had displayed pictures from a vacation at a foreign resort. Her classmates considered that an immature form of ‘bragging.’ They said other kids had gone on even ‘better trips’ or lived in ‘amazing houses,’ but ‘knew better’ than to post about it.”

It’s an interesting read to look below the surface about different trends and behaviors on social media, especially for people over the age of 30 who are constantly confused by why people post the stuff they do.

All Saskatchewan Residents Should Get This: An Alcohol Sensing Wearable

One of the black eyes of Saskatchewan residents is our inability to shake the habit of drinking and driving. One wearable company seeks to change that through their new wearable called Proof.

“According to Proof, the enzyme-based electrochemical sensor converts alcohol into an electrical current, and is able to accurately display your blood alcohol content (BAC) level discreetly using its accompanying Android or iOS app.”

Which means, you’ll always know how much is too much, which is good for you, your family, and everyone else around you. Don’t drink and drive.

Wendy’s Roasts Everyone – A Twitter Account Worth Following

And finally, let’s finish the Hot 5 with one of the best branding experiments going the sassy side of Wendy’s. The Mashable article dives into the people behind the twitter account who took the internet by storm last week with their sarcastic remarks about fast food. They’ve gone after Burger King, McDonald’s, and even people trying to troll them, and they are winning. Every. Single. Time.


That’s all for this week.  See you Monday.

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