The Monday Hot 5!

As we gear up for another week of incredible work and driving innovation, it’s important to start the week off with what you need to know; how about a nostalgic ‘good to see you’ for the Monday Hot 5. This week we tackle everything that’s NOT Pokemon Go!

Twitter to Livestream Weekly MLB and NHL Games – Another Reason to Ditch Cable

If you’re new to this, Twitter is making a huge play for live video streaming as it attempts to reinvigorate the stalled platform. Last week, and this week, you can see streams from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions and this fall, Twitter has won the rights to stream NFL games on Thursday nights. And so, with the additions of MLB and NHL coming this year, I want to know if this changes your perspective on Twitter, or if you think it’s too late to be saved?

7-11 Makes First US Approved Drone Delivery – The Drones are Here

Remember that amazing Amazon commercial about drone deliveries a few years back? I can remember being laughed at around the office proclaiming that not only was it real, but it was only a few years away. Today, you can find me riding high on my horse, as 7-11 successfully delivered the first US-approved drone delivery this past week. The chain is experimenting with store-to-home deliveries and as you can imagine, the thought of having a Slurpee delivered to you is something a lot of people are getting excited about.

Donald Trump is Doing an AMA

If you’re uninitiated with the AMA (Ask Me Anything) world, I’ll give you a quick overview; AMA is a platform on Reddit where celebrities, politicians, athletes, and people in the news commit an hour or two to answer questions from users. The users can literally ask them anything, which has allowed these AMA’s to become quite the event as the stars doing the AMA usually reveal interesting stories or give context to different events etc. And so, with presidential hopeful Donald Trump doing one this Wednesday at 7 PM EST, you have your chance to get those burning questions answered by the Donald himself. I have mine all lined up; is your hair real?

Miniature Nintendo Coming in November

Growing up I had every Nintendo system for the NES and onward. I feel like the company is a part of my family. The sad part is that as it’s grown older it’s become less and less relevant to the world, and seems to be out of tune with what its customers actually want (Smartphone games!). But, in what’s considered a nice surprise, Nintendo will be releasing a tiny edition of its classic NES system which will hold 30 classic titles like Zelda, Mario, and Metroid. It’s a strong enough offering from the company to sell a ton of them, and even though there’s no Tetris or Contra, I’ll be waiting in a long line to get mine when it’s released in the cold winter months later this year.

VCR’s are no Longer a Thing

In news that you’re not surprised about in the least, Japanese Manufacturer Funai, who was the last remaining VCR manufacturer in the world, is finally calling it quits on the antiquated equipment. We can file this in the ‘well duh” category of the hot five, but we thought now that your old VCR is officially obsolete, you might want to head to your nearest e-recycling depot to recycle that thing properly! But don’t throw away your video tapes. You never know what they might be worth one day.

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