Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated

The SABEX – Saskatoon Achievement in Business Excellence Awards finalists were announced this January, with the biggest category being Customer Service. The finalists ranged from retail stores, hotels, tech businesses and developers, all competing for the award for good customer service.

Every business strives for it, but what does GOOD customer service look like these days?

Let’s start off by addressing what I believe the standard for basic customer service is. All businesses should have friendly, courteous and polite staff. In addition to this, you need attentive staff; they can’t be on their phones and they should make eye contact when speaking to you. Plus I shouldn’t have to chase them down to try something on or get the bill. Be available. My time is as valuable as yours, so please don’t waste it.

So what is the good customer service business doing differently? I believe it is a combination of a few things:

  • The staff’s ability to connect, engage and create a personal experience by identifying what my needs are versus the next person’s
  • Their commitment to answering an inquiry versus giving an “I don’t know” response
  • Their ability to ask questions, listen to the answer and be empowered to help solve a problem or challenge I may be having
  • The staffs ability to tear down roadblocks and offer options which gives me every reason to say yes to the purchase
  • Being able to articulate/educate me on the difference between one product over another
  • Receiving a genuine THANK YOU for the business once the transaction is complete

When I feel appreciated for spending my hard earned money at a business, it always encourages me to tell others and become a repeat customer. I believe, Good customer service reminds me of something my Sunday school teacher drilled into us, which is “Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated.”

The best examples right now are below, companies who are being recognized at the #SABEXAwards in February for their achievements in Customer Service. I encourage you to stop by and see how they are doing things differently – then you can be the judge!

Complete Technologies

Con-Tech General Contractors Ltd 

CRAVINGS Maternity/Baby/Kids 

North Prairie Development 

Park Town Hotel 

The Ring Lord 

SaskMade Marketplace

Two Fifty-Two Boutiques 

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