TV is ‘dying’, and why you shouldn’t care.

The latest results are in about TV ad spending, and it looks like there is change on the horizon. No one is surprised really, but it looks like TV will be giving way to digital over the next few years. Will this impact your marketing strategy?

According to a recent report from research firm Magna Global TV ad buys are on a downward trend.

for the first time in history, outside of recession years, global television advertising revenue fell year-over-year as digital advertising surged once again.

What does this mean for your current marketing plan?

While we tend to hear these reports once every few months, another report released by ZenithOptimedia said the same thing. While most of these studies speak directly to American consumers, we can only assume that Canada will be closely behind this trend.

I’m not here to preach hellfire and brimstone about television, because as you’ll remember, the same thing happened with radio when television came along. What’s really happening is a passing of the baton, as television is ceding to online viewing habits that are disrupting the traditional TV market. Let’s be frank, TV has had it pretty good for the past few decades.

The truth is you shouldn’t care about whether TV buys are increasing or decreasing. That is not the problem that needs to be solved. There are incredibly competent media buyers that can get your content seen by your target audience all over the world.

Get your content noticed with these 5 tips.

Being seen and being understood are two different things. The following five tips will help you get your content noticed, no matter what medium you use to advertise.


Create content that people don’t want to skip when they are watching YouTube. How ironic is it that we ask people to sit through 15 or 30 seconds of content that they don’t want to see, to get to the content that they are actually interested in?

What if your advertising was the content that people were trying to get to in the first place?


Focus on telling a story that’s worth listening to. Have you ever been to a party, stuck listening to a person tell a story that was unfathomably boring?

Don’t do that.


Your boring product is not an excuse to create uninteresting content. Your product is only as boring as you make it. Check out this wild video that no doubt you’ve already experienced about whiteout.


Instead of sticking to the traditional script, why not branch out and experiment with something. It doesn’t even have to be an ad.


As business owners, sometimes we can be guilty of ‘drinking our own kool-aid’ and what I mean by that is we tend to assume that our audience sees the world and our products/service the same way we do. This leads to content failures, where we become guilty of creating untested content that missing the mark by a wide margin. If your audience isn’t interested in watching your content, don’t blame them.

It’s all in what you share.

At this point, I think you get it; focus on creating better content – TV commercials, blogs, and images. It is one thing to be seen on the various mediums and tools available to you, but it’s another altogether to be memorable.

Get started today.

If you’re struggling to get the wheels turning on being memorable, give us a shout and we’d be happy to help break through writer’s block with you! In the mean time, here is a free workbook to get you started.

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