Why Athletes Make Great Employees

Living a healthy lifestyle is a strong part of our culture here at Look. Our staff is comprised of ball-players, hockey players, runners, curlers, horse-back riders, triathletes and fitness enthusiasts, just to name a few. Although the disciplines are different, we all share the same underlying drive and attitude. When your staff is used to pushing themselves in the gym or on the court, they are no strangers to the same work ethic in the office.

Here are four reasons your next hire should be an athlete:

1. They are team players.
Sharing the workload, being accountable and pulling their own weight comes naturally for these employees.

2. They can take direction well.
They can execute the strategy and also look for areas of improvement and elevation. They aren’t strangers to getting feedback, and doing a self-evaluation. Every athlete looks to improve their game, the same goes for their job. Having the ability to self-reflect and evaluate means your employee won’t be afraid to fail. 

They understand that if some methods don’t work, they can evaluate, get back up and try something new.

3. They roll with the punches.
They understand that sacrifice is part of the game. Whether you like it or not, stuff happens! We have to stay late, come in early, extend a deadline, make last-minute decisions, etc. Your sports-minded staff members already know how to roll with the punches and anticipate the unexpected. 
So when plans change you won’t hear them complaining, you’ll see them making the best of the situation. 

4. They motivate those around them.
Whether they’re in that department or not, these athletes have a way of bringing enthusiasm to every job going on in your office. A positive outlook can catch fire in the office and bring up overall morale.

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