Why I Think the #DNCLeaks Rule

If you’re living under a rock then you haven’t yet heard of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) email leaks, which have been taking the American political world by storm. For the uninitiated, the DNC was hacked and all of the documents were put online in a searchable database thanks to our modern day freedom fighters at Wikileaks.

Now without getting too political (#FeeltheBern) I want to showcase what I found so fascinating about the DNC – their ability to plan and to execute. Like any political campaign, these movements are played out like the theatre of war, with both sides attempting to win the will of the people. In order to have success, the sides will need to be well researched and well ‘armed’. To what extent, you ask? Click the image to link to the DNC’s plan for the Republican convention.


You’re looking at 22 dynamic pages of a well-thought-out, well-funded, and an incredibly well-planned campaign to try, in the DNC’s own words, “… sets the record straight on what viewers will see at the [Republican] convention.” Their plan is broken down by day, component (marketing, research, advertising, etc.), activity, location, and it’s chalk full of creative ideas. Some of my favourites are:

  • Spotify playlist of artists who have called on Trump to stop playing their music at his rallies
  • Milk cartons featuring “Missing” GOP leaders who will be absent
  • “Go Trump Yourself” kit
  • Spray tan
  • Hair dye
  • Tiny foam fingers and hand clappers
  • Dog whistle
  • Regular whistle with message like “Come to think about it ­Trump isn’t subtle about his hate”

Now, you’re wondering why I’m writing about the DNC and American politics, and it’s for this reason; you’ll never get a better peak into one of the most well-run, well-executed organizations on the planet. As an agency, we strive to mimic the precision and speed that the DNC demonstrates. Agencies, while good at generating ideas and creative, also have immense value in their ability to create an effective plan, and to see it executed in all of its glory.

So the next time your organization has ambitious plans to make a campaign that you need help executing, or maybe you’re at the beginning stages and you’re looking for a team to help you generate ideas and a plan, consider Look.

And best of all? We don’t have to talk about politics!

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