Zlatan was inspiring at Saskatchewan Polytechnic Wednesday December 9th.

I have to say how impressed and inspired I was with Zlatan’s keynote at Saskatchewan Polytechnic lon Wednesday. As I am married to him, I assume that he can’t do too much to surprise me anymore – but the way he delivered his message so eloquently last night was very moving.

Zlatan spoke briefly of coming to Canada from Bosnia and the hardships of being a new immigrant. He talked about how going to Saskatchewan Polytechnic was a big turning point in his life and how his instructors were more than just teachers; they became integral mentors in his life. The lessons Zlatan learned at Saskatchewan Polytechnic far exceeded the technical skills of his class lessons and include leadership, teamwork, project management, and marketing.


Zlatan went on to encourage the students of Saskatchewan Polytechnic to strive to learn those important soft-skills that are outside of their program as they will serve them well once they start looking for careers.

His story of the rise of a desperate refugee who lived on social assistance, to successful and confident community leader who now contributes millions back to our economy every year, left everyone inspired.

Zlatan story is truly the epitome of what is possible in this amazing country we live in if you just believe in what you can become and work every day to do just that.

  1. Heather Pinay 25/02/2016, 6:53:42 PM

    Great work, Zlatan!

  2. Suzanne 25/02/2016, 6:54:36 PM

    I’m with you, Joel!

  3. Dorothy Miller 25/02/2016, 6:54:55 PM

    What an inspiring and wonderful story.

    • Zlatan 25/02/2016, 6:55:12 PM

      Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I am very fortunate to be surrounded with so many supportive people.

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