Zlatan Fazlagić, President & CEO
Zlatan is a thought leader with the innate ability to get down to the essence of what a business’ goals are and how to strategically achieve them. Passionate about starting with targets, goal setting, and providing measurable results, Zlatan’s insight and experience make him an asset to every company, industry, and brand he works with.
Rachel Mielke, Head Strategist
Rachel Mielke, founder & CEO of Hillberg & Berk, has built one of the most successful companies in the Canadian luxury jewellery industry to date. H&B’s unmistakable designs have been spotted on red carpets and VIPs, and the brand’s signature aesthetic has brought a breath of fresh air to Canadian jewellery design.
Bahaa Harmouche, Creative Director
Bahaa Harmouche worked as a creative director in a global advertising agency for 8 years. Over those years, exposure to various cultures taught him that creativity possesses neither borders nor limits, it is totally intuitive, and it can be expressed at any time and in any place. As part of his Master of Design thesis project, at the University of Alberta, he is exploring the intersection between design, education, and social issues. His research involves reconsidering (or rethinking) the role of designer in social contexts; the designer having a holistic connection to the community, for the well being of community members.
Joanne Shivak, Account Director
Joanne brings over 20-years of experience in communications, advertising and other related fields. Establishing process and executing company goals are her main focus, while her passion is mentoring internal teams and fostering client relationships. Joanne is up for any challenge. Favourite slogan? Nike’s “Just do it”.
Ankit Sharma, Interactive Developer
Ankit joins Look with nine years of experience in web development and database management. In early 2017, he immigrated to Canada from Ahmedabad, India, where he earned a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering, as well as a Masters in Marketing. Ankit is passionate about learning and staying current with new technologies.
Dylan Henderson, Interactive Developer
Dylan is our coding ninja. He is brilliant at building both websites and applications to service and meet the client's needs. He does quality work quickly, creating responsive sites, which run on the latest web browsers and devices. He is proficient in the latest technologies to tailor to the client's needs and their user's expectations.
Luke Towers, Interactive Developer
Luke is our programming samurai. He graduated at the age of 16 and has been working in web development since. Luke is passionate about building powerful applications that focus on user experience. He is also our resident pilot, holding both a Private Pilot and a Glider Pilot license while working on his Commercial Pilot license.
Stephanie Schmidt, Art Director
Stephanie is a talented designer who develops visual answers for clients looking to solve problems in a unique, sharp, and sophisticated manner. Her tenacity pushes her work to excellence, as she works efficiently to meet deadlines. Stephanie brings enthusiasm, energy and precision to her work at Look.
Cari Grindley, Production Artist
Cari is a Photoshop wizard. With her extreme attention to detail, she has developed a knack to get the most out of every graphic and image. Originally from San Francisco, California Cari brings a different perspective to all of the projects she works on.
Erin Thorhaug, Graphic Designer
Erin is our resident stand-up comedian with self-described bad knees and weak ankles. She’s a pro graphic designer, having studied Visual Communications at Medicine Hat College. Erin has a hand in producing great work with every client at Look, and is currently propelling us forward with her novel ideas.
Ryan Gee, Project Manager
Ryan is a passionate, creative, Account Manager at Look. He works with the interactive team to ensure well-researched, well-written websites are executed in a timely fashion following SEO best practices. He thrives in relationship management, building rapport and relationships. Ryan keeps the interactive team functioning like a well-oiled machine.
Joel Rathgaber, Interactive Director
Joel is responsible for the efficient management and delivery of interactive services from website creation to management and support. He ensures that Look finds and implements the solutions that address, meet and exceed clients’ needs and expectations, finding new ways to put technology to work for them.
Heather Zimmer, Office Manager
Heather keeps the office running smoothly and efficiently and puts procedures in place to confirm targets are met. She is the right-hand woman to Zlatan, and ensures that Look runs like a well-oiled machine. She was born to do this job and loves the work, the staff, and the clients
Alison Adam, Account Executive
Alison offers clients the best customer service in the industry – building rapport and empowering them to revolutionize their organizations. Alison is inventive, with a knack for envisioning campaign ideas and new product development concepts. She can envision the big picture for your business, and has the tenacity to see it through.
Kara Muehmel, Administrative Assistant
Kara is a dynamic, bold, diligent and efficient professional who always strives for excellence. She supports Heather Zimmer, and the rest of the Look team, with the administrative and reception duties. Kara has the innate ability to prioritize and compartmentalize her work, keeping herself and the office organized - finding calm in chaos.